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Southern Stroll

Trying to spend more time outdoors then indoors during this time of leisure, I made my way to the Southern Ridges walk in Singapore, a walk I had been meaning to do for quite some time. I had always been discouraged by reports that the trail was ‘really crowded’ on the weekends, and I had avoided it with the assumption that there would be too many people for me to properly enjoy it. Nonetheless on a Sunday afternoon, in the company of my visiting mother-in-law, I decided to brave it. 

We were blessed by wonderful weather, and perhaps it was the fact that we had set off at 1 pm, when most other people are trying to avoid the heat, but the trail we took was quiet enough and really enjoyable.

Our Route:
We cheated and took a taxi to the top of Mount Faber as our starting point. (You can actually walk up to Mount Faber from Vivocity) From there we made our way to Henderson Waves, connected to Forest Walk, which led onto Alexandra Arch and finished at Hort Park where we walked around a fairly new but amazing plant complex. The path actually continues onto Kent Ridge, but we didn’t have time that day to complete the entire path so Hort Park was our final destination. (A valid excuse – dinner had to be made!)

–> In case you are interested, the entire path is 9 km long, and can take anything between 3.5 – 5 hours to complete in its entirety. At a slow amble and a bit of a run around the Hort Park, we only took 1.5 hours total to cover the parts mentioned above. The walk was actually relatively short, and very easy to do.

I must say that Singapore has done a fantastic job with this walk. The views were stunning, the architecture of the bridges amazing, and I managed to take some really lovely pictures – all of which can be viewed here.  

A few favourites from the day are:

1) The Henderson Wave BridgeHenderson Waves Bridge

Alternate View from Henderson Wave bridge

2) Forest Walk
  Forest Walk  Tree at the end of Forest Walk

 3) Hort Park
Pretty flower at Hort Park


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