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Corner Office in the NYT is one of my favourite sections of the New York Times. I usually manage to glean an insight or two from the interviews, and it is really interesting and refreshing to read different management approaches.

This interview with Guy Kawasaki made me cringe, because I am definitely guilty of ‘war and peace’ emails. Note to self : Master the 5 line email (or the 5 line blog).



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I’ve always been a strong believer that there are 2 parts to delegating work
1) Providing instructions in a clear manner setting out expectations
2) Quality checking when the work comes back

Both parts are essential and should not be ignored. I myself am much better at (2) than I am at (1) which is something I am aware of and consciously always trying to work on.

This article in the New York Times has some interesting points on delegating work, being ‘present’ when you are engaging someone and humour (don’t underestimate it when hiring!). Hope you find it as insightful as I did.


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There have been many things said about the abundance of personal information online and how much you are revealing to your friends, aquaintances and ultimately the public (depending on how good you are at customising your privacy settings). Good or bad, the reality is that sharing fragments or full pieces of your life online is not something that is not going to go away anytime soon. The reality is that it is as long as we have a Facebook or Twitter account, a blog or even something as simple as Google Buzz, this is something that we have to learn to manage, and manage in a better way.

While I think I do post, comment and share responsibly, ultimately I can only be responsible for my own actions and not those of my friends, acquaintances and all of their friends.

This article in the NYT ‘How Privacy Vanishes Online’ is just one of the many reminders that “When you’re doing stuff online, you should behave as if you’re doing it in public — because increasingly, it is.”


So before you post or publish, always review what you’ve written or pictures you’ve posted and think about how much you are really telling people. Think about it not only in the context of that post itself, but how it fits into everything else you have already said or will ever say. Ultimately you may be revealing more that you intended to.

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