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Update : Resolved! Hooray!

Am trying to add easy share buttons on my blog, and its not as simple as I had hoped it would be.
Have managed to get it on my sidebar, but somehow the image isn’t showing up. Can someone help?


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A syllogism is a 3 part argument : A=B, B=C, therefore A=C.

A = iPhones encourage people to take more busses with its applications,
B = Busses are good for the environment, therefore;
C = iPhones are good for the environment.

There are only a few applications on my iPhone that I access on a daily basis – Email, Facebook, New York Times, and my bus applications. Yes, bus applications, plural. I have 2 on my phone – tranSGuide and SG Buses. While they may not be totally accurate (allow for 2-3 minutes adjustments), I love them because they allow me to control the worst part of taking public transport, which is the waiting. They let me know when I need to leave the house in the morning and more importantly when I need to leave the office when the temptation is highest to jump into a taxi is high after a hard days’ work.

The timings on tranSGuide seem more accurate, but SG Busses has the added advantage of showing the subsequent bus arrival times too, so you know if you need to leg it and catch that bus, or chill if there’s another 3-4 minutes behind.

There is much to be said about an application that keeps me responsible in more ways than one. I now have less of an excuse to spend money on a taxi, AND, i’m committing to helping to save the environment by opting for busses!

tranSGuide iPhone application

tranSGuide example

SG Busses iPhone application

SG Busses example

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This video was made for BBC’s The Wall and depicts what Facebook would be in real life. It points out the obvious silliness in things we find fun on Facebook like making connections with long lost ‘friends’, poking, writing on walls, etc.

Its really quite a silly video, but somehow I quite liked it. Thank goodness they didn’t have access to sheep.

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There have been many things said about the abundance of personal information online and how much you are revealing to your friends, aquaintances and ultimately the public (depending on how good you are at customising your privacy settings). Good or bad, the reality is that sharing fragments or full pieces of your life online is not something that is not going to go away anytime soon. The reality is that it is as long as we have a Facebook or Twitter account, a blog or even something as simple as Google Buzz, this is something that we have to learn to manage, and manage in a better way.

While I think I do post, comment and share responsibly, ultimately I can only be responsible for my own actions and not those of my friends, acquaintances and all of their friends.

This article in the NYT ‘How Privacy Vanishes Online’ is just one of the many reminders that “When you’re doing stuff online, you should behave as if you’re doing it in public — because increasingly, it is.”


So before you post or publish, always review what you’ve written or pictures you’ve posted and think about how much you are really telling people. Think about it not only in the context of that post itself, but how it fits into everything else you have already said or will ever say. Ultimately you may be revealing more that you intended to.

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Quick Shift

Starting something new is not very difficult to do, it is the taking it to the next level that is incredibly difficult.

I’ve been talking to various people and checking out some blogging options, the outcome of which was a decision to move my blog over to wordpress. Wordpress seems to be able to offer much more in terms of customising blogs and has more room for future ‘upgrades’, presuming I get much better (and thus more demanding) at this.

Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen – In the meantime, I will strive valiantly to ensure that this doesn’t become another of my many, many abandoned projects.

-Heather Garratt-

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Numero Uno

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but been held back simply because i’m concerned I may be (unintentionally) revealing too much about myself in a post.

I admire friends of mine who blog so eloquently, about everything and anything, from the things that they’re so passionate about down to absolutely nothing at all.

What i’ve come to realise is that blogs are a great way of giving loved ones a chance to feel close, take a peek into your life, without the obligation of needing to directly respond. You’re giving those who matter to you an oppportunity to keep a pulse on your life.

Life today is so fast paced and crazy, its hard to keep in touch with everyone you want to at the same time. If you had to send emails to everyone you wanted to keep in touch with separately, you’d give up pretty soon ‘cause you’d be completely inundated with the exercise – that is, presuming that you get a response in the first place.

Blogs on the other hand, are the the ultimate user-intiated experience. You read, if you like the post you comment, if you don’t, you move on.

And so i’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and start a blog. Sure, it was pre-requisite homework on a course I had to take, but hey, things happen for a reason, and maybe this was my reason.

Stay tuned!

-Heather Garratt-

Note: This entry was originally posted on a different website, but I decided to migrate over to wordpress as there seems to be alot more potential here. Now for the actualisation of that potential!

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