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Update : Resolved! Hooray!

Am trying to add easy share buttons on my blog, and its not as simple as I had hoped it would be.
Have managed to get it on my sidebar, but somehow the image isn’t showing up. Can someone help?


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A syllogism is a 3 part argument : A=B, B=C, therefore A=C.

A = iPhones encourage people to take more busses with its applications,
B = Busses are good for the environment, therefore;
C = iPhones are good for the environment.

There are only a few applications on my iPhone that I access on a daily basis – Email, Facebook, New York Times, and my bus applications. Yes, bus applications, plural. I have 2 on my phone – tranSGuide and SG Buses. While they may not be totally accurate (allow for 2-3 minutes adjustments), I love them because they¬†allow me to control the worst part of taking public transport, which is the waiting. They let me know when I need to leave the house in the morning and more importantly when I need to leave the office when the temptation is highest to jump into a taxi is high after a hard days’ work.

The timings on tranSGuide seem more accurate, but SG Busses has the added advantage of showing the subsequent bus arrival times too, so you know if you need to leg it and catch that bus, or chill if there’s another 3-4 minutes behind.

There is much to be said about an application that keeps me responsible in more ways than one. I now have less of an excuse to spend money on a taxi, AND, i’m committing to helping to save the environment by opting for busses!

tranSGuide iPhone application

tranSGuide example

SG Busses iPhone application

SG Busses example

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